Thought: Some insights are timeless. In 1964 social commentator Marshall McLuhan, in his book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man coined the phrase: the media IS the message. Affecting actions and outcomes in which it plays a role not only by the content delivered over the medium but also by the characteristics of the medium itself.

A mix of the old, the new, and all points in between

Everything we think about, plan, create, do or execute has the single-minded focus of driving a sales conversion, activation or action leading to the desired result.  

Be that driving foot traffic to a store; channeling people to an event; leading the charge to your website, or other point of contact, ring and sing; convincing people to cast their vote in the right direction.  

Thinking laterally, creatively, sensibly and totally around what can be achieved within the budget, on time, and within the means available,  conversionis the benchmark  for all actions.  

Whether the project is substantial or on the small side, complex or straightforward, our approach and passion is the same.

Scientific flair is another Rainmaker truism.  We find that an approach combining the strengths of science, with human flair, is what produces results.   

We are known for being thorough; never taking short cuts; thinking about and listening to what to what various quantitative (and qualitative) measures tell us as the starting point of engagement. 

We then apply our knowledge, experiences and ‘feel’ as to what the ‘mix’ of media will work hardest and most effectively.  

We don’t believe in watering down campaigns with a whole host of solutions. 

Instead the two, or three, best options and approaches, are what would likely appear in our recommendation, to generate the right call to action. 

We are agnostic in terms of the media mechanism for delivering the results that our clients are after.