Thought: Investment gurus, entrepreneurs and others with an eye on the bottom line insist that you should NEVER put all your eggs into one basket. Presumably media should be no different.

We started life as a boutique operation but now have evolved into an internationally connected, innovative, balanced and holistic media planning and buying agency. With great clients, great campaigns and great results. From the outset, a key point of difference between us, and the ‘others’ was this.   

Unlike media planners and placers in the advertising world who look from without we have lived, breathed and contributed from deep within the belly of the media ‘beast’. Meaning we can tame even the most savage of situations.  

We have seen enough innovation, disruption, radical change and total paradigm shifts to remain agnostic in terms of the media mechanism for delivering the results our clients are after.   

We absolutely keep up with the new without discarding the old. After all it is the combination and careful blending of factors that achieves sustainable, and significant, results.